Saturday, May 30, 2009

Give Him A Round Hat.

**Srd.Faud Alimon and Family**

It was a tedious planning.Alhamdullilah all went well.
In the middle of the pre planning discussion,come a know figure to me
since Form 3.
Srd.Foud Alimon came all the way from Melaka together with whole his family to attend the 2nd.planning stage of the Majlis at Shah Alam which
ends at 1 am.
Captain Dato Rahim and us were humbled by the presence of his families members.

The sprite de corp shown by him,shows a bondage of a person between to once his long lost friends shown "what a man ought to be rather what one wants to be".

Give him a round of applauds guys for the jorney made.
So do all Bro.Moklis,Bro.Nur Ismail,Bro.Malik Dole and many other.

Shayid.Wa Kullama bil Insan.

Bak pepatah orang tua-tua
'manusia mati mennggalkan Nama'

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cikgu Hajah Nazli Abbas

**Srd.Zainal Md.Yatim,Srd.Juwara Dollah&Cikgu Hajah Nazli Abbas taken during last Majlis Korban Putra Nov 2007**


It's our former teacher,Cikgu Hajah Nazli Abbas birthday today.

Thus,I am sure if we could drop in a line or 2 in her box it will make her day.Those in Form 1 B in 1972 same class with Bro.Juawara,Zainal Yatim or Malik Dole will remember her.
My life spin in Form 1 B was shorten after the entrance exam and was demoted to Class D.
Well...that the cost for being indiscipline,I reckon.

Heres her website:
or you could email her at :

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's nice to hear and read your words mate !!

I recieved a surprise sms from our

Bro.Arshad Basir @ Edward hp:016-2016995 MHS 71/76

"Do you know the relationship between your two eyes?
They blink together,
They move together,
They cry together,
They see things together,
and they sleep together.
Even though they never see each other.

Friendship should be just like that !
Life is like hell without friends.
Its 'World's Best Friend Week'
Who is your best friend?
Send this to all your good friends,even me,if I am one of them.See how many you get back.If you get more than 7,then you are really a loveable guy."

hmmmmm......siratul rahim,siratul rahim peliharalah bersama.

Thank You mate,
It's really thoughtful of you.
A gist of the bondage built.
Very philosophical and deep in meaning.

I propose,
if there is any takers pleased reply a
at any joint propose for a good nite out.

Any takers??
Juwara !! I'm counting on you ?
Pak Lus,Jamaluddin Idris lets have a go man !
Any where Melaka or KL is fine.
Lets do it informal,boys

What you say boys !!!
I am sure the club house at Tiara Golf and Country Club,Air Keroh could be hire for the event.
Srd.Nur Ismail could we?

Zainal Yatim you coming??

Yes,I met Cpt.Zailan Hassan MHS 72/76 hp :019-3556009 last Friday.
Back from UK,heading the London MISC

Give each other a buzz boys.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ugly Day

Ugly Day beb !!!!!!

Why ?


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tahniah MHS.

MHS akhirnya telah dinorbatkan sebagai 'Cluster School'
Bagi kita yang kurang arif akan konsep 'cluster school',
sila layari linknya

Syabas dan Tahniah Kepada Ahli Jemaah Pengelola Sekolah Tinggi Melaka,
Guru Besar Tuan Hj.Abd.Razak,Guru-Guru serta Non Acedemic Staff.

Syabas,kepada anak-anak kini dan terdahulu yang telah berjaya dengan cemerlang didalam peperiksaan PMR,SPM serta STPM yang mana telah memertabatkan nama Sekolah Tinggi Melaka serata dan setanding dengan sekolah-sekolah diMalaysia.

Nama mu tetap 'Gah' !!
Kami Bersama mu.....MHS !!!!!!!!